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If you are a authorized user logging into your authorized company, enter the UserName, Password, and Email you were provided. Don't worry we are not after your email for other purposes. We only use it to distinguish each user.

If you are logging into the Demo company 5 emails are available, so enter the UserName, Password, and Email. Use 'GuestX' as the userName, '#XGuest' as Password and '' as Email.

NOTE: The userName, Password, and Email are Case Sensitive, so enter as shown above except for the X. The X identifies which of the 5 Guest Accounts you will use, so replace the X above with 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.

Click the Login button and if you are successfull, you will be returned back to the page where you started. Otherwise, you will receive an unsuccessful message or a red * beside missing information that must be re-entered.



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