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Ten Key Entry Page for entering Check Income and Expenses.

The purpose of this form is to enter Check amounts received from purchasers of oil and gas for your Leases AND to Accept those checks when all entries balance with the Property and Check Totals. To do this Click the Check Entry Form to enter a New Check or Add Entries to an Existing Check, OR Click the Accept Check Form to select and accept entries for a Check when they balance with the Purchaser/Operator's check totals. When you finish entering information for a check or you accept a check, click   to close the form.

  NOTE: Very important to success. After entries are finished for Add New Check or Add to Existing Check, Click Quit. This will clear the screen of prior entries.

Company: User: Accounting Date- Month: 1 Year: 2001
Check Entry Form Click to Show the Check Entry Form(...)
Purchaser and Property to be selected: Add New Check   Add to Existing Check   Quit

For a new check: Click the Add New Check Icon and Enter the Purchaser's Check ID in the NEW CHECK ID box. To add entries to an existing check, Click the Add to Existing Check Icon and select the Check from the EXISTING PURCHASER and CHECK ID box. Then either Click the SELECT Column from the Grid below to select an EXISTING property OR CLICK the LEASE{}PROPERTY Box below for a NEW property. Then select the Property's Decimal Interest for the displayed Ownership and Income Type (i.e. Royalty, Working Interest, etc) from the OWNERSHIP{} INTEREST box. Next, the AMOUNT/PRICE/VOLUME box will be active for entry of the Amount or Price Or Volume. Note that Amount is assumed unless the Price or Amount is Checked. To Change to a different PROPERTY, Click and select the property from the LEASE{}PROPERTY Box OR the Grid and continue with entries. NOTE: Amount entries can be made to Your Amounts or Lease Amounts or Lease Volume or Lease Price. Only one Volume and Price will be used for the Lease. Amount entries will be accumulated for the Lease. When the two grids; YOUR CHECK TOTAL grid, and PROPERTY TOTALS for YOUR and LEASE amounts grid balance to the check from the purchaser, Click the Accept Check Form below to accept the Check Entries.

LEASE {Property Income Type} PROPERTY :

Ownership,Ten Key Column, and Amount columns:

Enter Amount/Price/Volume below, then press ENTER key, not TAB Key! The concept is like a Ten Key Adding machine. To the left <= like a paper tape, each entry is shown in descending (last not 1st) sequence. Minus corrections OR minus check entrys can be entered with - (minus) before the amount.

Entrys for Property:
AMOUNT: e.g. .xx PRICE/VOLUME: .xxxx

Accept Check Form Click to Show the Accept Check Form(...)
Check to be accepted: Show Available Checks. Cancel Journal Entrys Accept Check Journal Entrys Quit

The purpose of this screen is to prepare Journal Entrys for Checks which have been entered and ARE IN BALANCE with the Purchaser/Operator hard-copy check. Click on the SHOW AVAILABLE CHECKS icon above to see all available checks. If you wish to review the Accounting Journal Entrys that WILL BE prepared for the check, please Click the PURCHASER and CHECK ID: window below and select the Check. The Journal Entrys will then be prepared for your review and shown on the screen. Note that they contain the Bank Account, Income Account, Deduction Account, and Tax Account Journal entrys for the check. They should balance to the selected check. If the Journal Entrys are not acceptable, click the CANCEL JOURNAL ENTRYS icon and the Journal Entrys will be removed and the check will be retained. Corrective entrys could then be made to the check. If the Journal Entrys are acceptable and you wish to print and/or export them to your accounting system, Click the EXPORT TO EXCEL button. Note that this option will require spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or free open software like supported by Sun Microsystems. After printing/exporting, this screen will be returned and you MUST click the ACCEPT JOURNAL ENTRYS icon to remove the Check and Journal Entrys from the available checks. When accepted it will not be shown again in your list of Available Checks. NOTE that once the check is selected in the PURCHASER and CHECK ID: column, it must be Accepted or Canceled; otherwise Accepted is assumed !


Company: User: Accounting Date- Month: 1 Year: 2001