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Page for entering electronic CDEX Check Income.

GENERAL INFO: This page provides procedures for logging into the website, uploading electronic checks in CDEX format from files on your computer, and placing them on this website. The CDEX electronic files are created by each Purchaser/Operator in partnership with the PDS or Oildex Check Deposit Exchange (CDEX) portal from which they can be purchased and sent electronically to you, the interest owner. Once uploaded, processing an electronic check will reveal the Check Income and Expense information which can be reviewed and balanced to the Operator/Purchaser's hard copy check. Then the electronic check can be accepted, which will update a Property/Lease History, and prepare Journal Entries in hard copy print or CSV/XML format. NO MORE MANUAL KEY ENTRY OF CHECKS FROM PURCHASERS/OPERATORS IF THEY PARTICIPATE IN CDEX. Currently, your cost is 4 cents per check line.

ACTION INFO: First login in the left sidebar. If you are a AUTHORIZED user, use the login name provided for your company. OR if you are trying out our CDEX portal as a GUEST user, use the Guest1-5 login names and since you will not have any CDEX files to upload, you can process test files that are already loaded.

After login, click the Blue horizontal section titled "Upload electronic checks from your computer and Process or Delete" which will disclose buttons for uploading the electronic CDEX files from your computer to this website and then processing them.

Upload electronic checks from your computer and Process or Delete Click to see Details(...)

To upload the CDEX file to this website, click the BROWSE button below and select the file from the directory on your computer where you placed the CDEX files. After selecting, click the UPLOAD FILE button below to place this CDEX file on this website and show the file in the list below. If for any reason, you wish to remove this file (or any other file) once it is in the list, click the DELETE FILE button below and the file will be removed from this website.

Click the PROCESS FILE button to read the CDEX formatted file and add this check to the website's electronic revenue file; ready for reviewing and balancing. This PROCESS FILE action will provide a message in the user's information area as to whether the CDEX file was read properly and is for the expected check amount. To continue with the review and balancing of this or any of the other uploaded checks, place the cursor over the MENU item above that is labeled ELECTRONIC CHECK and click on ELECTRONIC CDEX BALANCE. This will present a new page for selecting, balancing, and accepting the revenue check.

Select a file to upload:

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