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Page to review/balance and create Journal Entries for electronic check stubs.

Company: User: Accounting Date- Month: 10 Year: 2010
Purpose of form:

The purpose of this form is to select, review and balance a CDEX electronic check to the hard-copy check; accept the electronic check; prepare accounting entries for that check for entry into the accounting system; or delete the electronic check.

Step 1: To review and balance the check to the hard copy check, click the CDEX electronic checks below. Step 2: To accept the balanced check and prepare Journal Entries, click the Accept CDEX Electronic Checks below and follow those instructions.


CDEX electronic checks Click to Review/Balance the CDEX check lines to your check stub(...)
Check to be reviewed: Select Purchaser Check   Quit   Delete Selected Check.

Option 1: To show all Purchaser's CDEX checks which have not been reviewed and balanced, click the Select Purchaser Check icon above. Then, from the PURCHASERS CHECKS: window below, click to select a Purchaser's check. A list will then appear which totals the Owner Gross,Tax, Deduct, and Net amounts by property. If you wish to review in more detail, click the icon. This will show all lines for the Property so that you can compare with the hard-copy check. Then you can choose to accept the check as in Option 2 below, or quit without accepting as in option 3: below , or delete the check as in option 4 below.

Option 2: To accept the check and prepare Accounting Entries click Accept CDEX Electronic Checks below.

Option 3: To quit, click the icon.

Option 4: To delete the selected check, click above.


Accept CDEX Electronic Checks Click to Show the Electronic Checks (...)
Check to be accepted: Show all Available Checks.
Accept Check Journal Entrys Cancel Journal Entrys Quit

The purpose of this screen is to Prepare Journal Entrys and Accept the CDEX electronic Checks which ARE IN BALANCE with the Purchaser/Operator hard-copy check. First, click on the green CDEX Electronic Checks area above to balance the checks.

To accept the journal entries, first prepare the journal entries by clicking the SHOW ALL AVAILABLE CHECKS icon above. Then Click the PURCHASER and CHECK ID: window below and select the Check. The Journal Entrys will then be prepared for your review and shown on the screen list below. Note that they contain the Bank Account, Income Account, Deduction Account, and Tax Account Journal entrys for the check. The totals should balance to the selected check totals.

If the Journal Entrys are acceptable:
and you wish to print and/or export the Journal Entrys to your Accountant or your own accounting system in .cvs or .xml format, Click the EXPORT JOURNAL ENTRYS TO SPREADSHEET button below. Note that this option will require spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or free open software like supported by Sun Microsystems. To download OpenOffice, place in your browser address and press Enter; then select Download Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 and install on your computer. After printing/exporting in the spreadsheet software, this screen will be returned and you MUST click the ACCEPT CHECK JOURNAL ENTRYS icon to remove the Check. Then the check will not be shown again in your list of Available Checks.
If the Journal Entrys are not acceptable, click the CANCEL JOURNAL ENTRYS icon and the Journal Entrys will be removed and the check will be retained. NOTE that once the check is selected in the PURCHASER and CHECK ID: column, it must be Accepted or Canceled; otherwise Accepted is assumed !

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Your Accounting Month: 10 and Year: 2010