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Welcome to the InVestor Oil and Gas Accounting Site (iVOGAS) provided by The procedures on this site are based upon the sound concepts and functions used on a fully operational Personal Computer system and will be implemented on this iVOGAS site. When fully implemented, iVOGAS will provide investors in Oil and Gas leases with the tools to capture and balance the income and expenses from their Purchaser/Operator checks; map those entries with the proper accounting codes; and post those entries to the accounting and Lease history records. Comprehensive Financial Statements and History reports will be provided. If there is significant investor interest in continuing with their own Financial and History systems, an option to export this information will be considered. Check Stub Data Exchange (CDEX), and electronic Joint Interest Billing (JIB) will be available to supplement or replace the manual capture of check income and expenses, and JIB statements.

Presently, when you enter the Purchaser/Operator checks, iVOGAS will prepare Journal Entries and present them in an excel-type spreadsheet on your computer where they can be printed and exported. These present functions will be enhanced by the Comprehensive Financial Statements and History reporting when they are ready to go on-line. Take a tour of our site to see the present capabilities and advantages to investors. What is in it for you?

A tour will demonstrate that with some practice, the time you spend balancing to the Purchaser/Operator's hard-copy check and recording to the proper accounts can be reduced. How? As the income and expenses are entered, they are mapped to the proper account and the accumulated totals for YOUR NET, YOUR TAX, and YOUR DEDUCTION are shown for each Lease and Check. Comparison to the hard-copy check will disclose any discrepancies and a "ten-key adding machine tape" will simplify locating the discrepancy.

Once balanced to the hard-copy check, accept the check entries and the summarized account entries will be shown. Review and export these Journal Entries to an excel-style worksheet on your computer. The worksheet can then be printed, entered manually or exported into a file for entry into your present accounting system. In any case, closing the worksheet on your computer will return to iVOGAS where the check MUST be accepted or cancelled. Accepting will remove or cancelling will keep the entries.

To close-out what's in it for you. The present iVOGAS site is FREE. This could change in the future when the Financial Statement and History functions are implemented or when higher volume users come on-board and our costs go up. BUT our intent is to offer a service at a reasonable price. What can you do to help? We do need a few good men as the Marines would say. That is, to partner with us to suggest enhancements and in some cases be a fault-finder so that we can offer the best product possible.

While iVOGAS is a new web site, it is based upon proven concepts and procedures used on an operational Personal Computer system. We are basically porting these concepts to iVOGAS so that users avoid the headaches and investment that can occur when their computer environment changes. Presently, the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9 or Firefox browser must be used. Other browsers will be considered in the future.

So how do you take the tour? First you must log into the iVOGAS Demo company and it does require a UserName, Password, and email. Don't worry we are not after your email for other purposes; we only it use to distinguish each user. For the Demo Company use 'GuestX' as the userName, '#XGuest' as Password and '' as Email. NOTE: The userName, Password, and Email are Case Sensitive, so enter as shown except for the X. NOTE: There are 5 Guest Accounts, so replace the X above with 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. Login in the left sidebar and You will then see a 'Welcome Back Guest X' message. This will connect you to a 'Demo' Company so that you can view the the Demo Leases and make entries to the existing Checks. To get there, place your mouse cursor over the Lease Maintenance or Check Entry text in blue area at the upper part of this page. Select Add, Delete, Change Leases to go to the Lease Maintenance page OR Select Check Income/Expenses to go to the Ten Key Entry Page for entering Check Income and Expenses.

NOTE: For those logged in as a Guest and using the Demo Company, The functions for adding/deleting/or changing Lease information are disabled. However, all Lease information can be VIEWED by selecting a Lease from the Leases to be selected area and click the Lease Basic Information window. Note that the Check Income/Expenses entry is also limited to adding entries to an EXISTING check. These checks are visible when the Check Entry Form window is clicked and then the Add to Existing Check icon is clicked.

AND most importantly, contact us by clicking "Contact us" at the top left of any page (under the oil pump). Let us know of your interest and comments or question about our site.

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